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Although we are aware that not everyone loves vegetables (….especially when they’re green) we recently had a tasting for a couple who are living the meat-free life and still loving food while doing so. Being a catering company, we had no problem customizing a menu to fit their needs, and in the process we just so happened to create some exciting new recipes that we could add to our everyday menus! So even if you’re not dying to eat your peas and carrots come dinner time like the good ol’ days, our office Meatatarian (Charles Russell) had no problem stuffing his face with some of these healthy alternatives!

  Leek Tart with Smoked Cheese
oven dried tomato, creme friache and balsamic syrup

Onion Tart

Early Summer Salad
baby lettuce, hearts of palm, israeli couscous, asparagus, dates, currants, herb
goat cheese and tahini vinaigrette

Couscous Salad

Ratatouille Samosas
spiced potatoes, vegetables and aji pesto


Quinoa Falafel Skewer
cucumber-mint yogurt sauce


Arugula Salad
caramelized pecans, buffalo mozzarella, banyulsvinaigrette, grilled peach and balsamic fig syrup

Peach Salad

Vegetarian Sushi Rolls
specialty ordered and made by the one and only Sushi on a Roll


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