Real Wedding: Nadia + Brian

Untitled-1This pair, Nadia and Brian: what an amazing couple to work with! We had a blast catering their wedding at the gorgeous Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse in Rancho Santa Fe. Creamy almond-colored satin linen was topped with luscious white rose centerpieces and accented with touches of glittering gold. Beef bourguignon, fig + gorgonzola ravioli, and goat cheese + bacon jam delicacies kicked off the celebration but a scrumptious surf + turf meal ended the night, making this an ambrosial affair. Sunset views reflected romantically over a lake, and flickering bistro lights provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettably ethereal experience.





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“Marvelous!  Marvelous!  Marvelous!  What more can I say...  Our employees loved their holiday party.  Your catering was outstanding.  Decorations, culinary enjoyment and attentive service could not have been finer.” Larry J., Mount Helix, San Diego, CA

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