National Wine Day

ContinentalCateringWine6 ContinentalCateringWine2 ContinentalCateringWine3 ContinentalCateringWine5 Did you know that today is National Wine Day? Well because the owner of Continental is crazy about wine, it would be ridiculous of us to not post something about this wondrous day! The Girls in the Vineyard is a wine we carry and serve to our customers. The reason we chose this wine is because it represents Continental Catering as a women owned business. Although “the girls” in the name are a representation of the vines the grapes are grown from in the vineyard, the mission of this company is to bring the wines from the vines to you without any fuss. We at Continental feel the same about the quality of food and service we bring to the table. We want to give you the best service possible while making it easy peasy lemon squeezy for you. So here’s your excuse to enjoy that extra glass (or 2) of wine tonight. Happy National Wine Day. Cheers!
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