Mmm Burgers

As we celebrate this juicy holiday, (National Hamburger Day of course) the office staff here at Continental Catering can’t help but raise havoc during a conversation in regards to where the best burger joint is in San Diego. With well over 50 restaurant, bars and fast food chains to choose from, we all just decided to agree to disagree. Here were some of our favorites for you to try….if you haven’t already!

Denise Jermyn: Continental Catering – Organic Gourmet Sliders

Christie Radican: The Public House – Kobe on Que

Kristie Emmons: In and Out – Cheeseburger, Animal Style

Aubrey Arnold: Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern – The Turkey Burger

Maria Ayon: Wendy’s – Jr. Cheeseburger

Chelsea Gustafson: Slater’s 50 50 – California Burrito Burger

Charles Russell: Carl’s Jr. – Western Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger

Lindsey Nelson: Eastbound – The Eastbounder


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Service and servers are super and polished.
 Displays are creative, appropriately chosen, fun, and full of WOW! 
Food is both delicious and selected with flexibility in mind for dietary issue folks.” Elaine A, San Diego, CA

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