Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

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Are you enjoying these terrible puns as much as we are?

Summer is just about here in sunny San Diego and it’s the perfect time to throw a taco fiesta! As you may know (or not), Continental Catering not only caters to weddings and corporate events but to fun funky pool parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and anything in between. This inspirational post is meant to get your gears going because who doesn’t love to throw a party? We love this Mexican themed party because it gives you a great idea of all the fun things we can do to make a regular party into the most memorable summer bash yet! From taco bars to make-your-own margarita bars, we’ve got all the goods to satisfy your taste buds. If you’re not into this being a formal event we can even deliver the food right to your door step! Make this summer an amazing one and let us help you up your party game. Arriba arriba!

We’re dying to throw a taco party of our own with this amazing decor. Find these fun products and more from these business who truly know what it means to party. From the top: Urban Outfitters Taco Pinata, Studio DIY Avocado Pinata, Urban Outfitters Cactus Pinata, Urban Outfitters Mini Donkey Pinata, My Domaine Margarita Bar, Inspired By This Cactus Inspired Food Tables, Pigment Fiesta Plates, Folklore Accent Chairs, Vintage Pink Treasures Sarape Pillows, A Subtle Revelry Cactus Balloon Backdrop, Inspired By This Guacamole Invitation

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“You know how wedding food is usually "eh"?  This food had EVERYONE talking.” Amber C, San Diego, CA

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