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Ice Cream Sandwich

The Sweetest Trend

We’ll be honest: here at Continental Catering we’re not really into getting behind a trend unless we’ve started it. The ice cream sandwich, however, totally changed our minds on the subject. Hallelujah! How could it not? What could be better than delicious sandwiched between more delicious? Not much as far as we’re concerned.


What we’re particularly loving about the ice cream sandwich trend is the variety that is popping up all over the country. We thought that the basic ice cream sandwich was good but we had no idea what was to come! Now the options are limited only by our imagination and creativity. Once we get past the ingenious ice cream combinations (ice creamery, Salt & Straw, has flavors like Pear with Blue Cheese and Bone Marrow with Smoked Bourbon Cherries), we can get creative on what to actually sandwich the creamy goodness with. Oh yeah! Now we’re talking…

From freshly baked cookies to pies to waffles, the sandwich can be made with practically anything that our heart desires. There is even a macaroon ice cream sandwich! Be still our hearts. Oh, and we’ve even found s’more ice cream sandwiches. Talk about delicious overload!


If you’re anything like us, you’re salivating uncontrollably at this point. If you’re not, what’s wrong with you?! Run, don’t walk, to Baked Bear in Point Loma for a delicious ice cream confection. You can thank us later. Also, don’t forget to add an made-to-order ice cream sandwich station to your next event….

Ice Cream Sandwich


Clockwise from top to bottom: pie, s’more, square waffle, variety sampler, round waffle, and macaroon 

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