Welcome. Take a seat and get comfortable. As you read this blog we hope to take you through the wild and wacky world of Continental Catering. What makes us squeal like giddy little girls? Or jump uncontrollably like a dog on a trampoline? You’re thinking about a dog on a trampoline now, aren’t you? Leave it to us to give you odd visuals. But enough of that. We promise to only showcase the best of the best because the best is what you deserve. We’ll cover everything from fabulous food to festive fêtes. So it’ll be an everything blog, sort of like we’re an everything caterer.  We like the sound of that and we hope that you do to. Please stay awhile, won’t you?

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“As an event planner and wedding coordinator for many years, when it came to my daughter's wedding I knew I had to go with one of the best caterers for my 300 guest Italian wedding. Not only did Continental allow us a couple different tastings to get the pasta course just like grandpa's, but every detail was perfection.” Angel H, Jamul, CA

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