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Another fantastic event in the life of Continental Catering!   Our production crew did their magic with  prepping great food  and combined with the  talent of our onsite chef and staff created an awesome plated dinner for guests at Luce Loft.  Delicious food, premium wine added with the great atmosphere that Luce Loft provides enhanced our creative side to produce a spectacular event.

Luce Loft

Luce Loft

Unique look at Luce Loft

Luce Loft

Our team also used their awesome talents for all the wonderful events held at the La Jolla Woman’s Club, Martin Johnson House & Museum of Contemporary Arts, all located  in La Jolla as well as the El Cortez in downtown San Diego and the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier.  Each time creating delicious food, spectacular décor displays for the buffets and stations and providing awesome service.   Each venue offers their own personality to enhance the vision of each individual client.



Continental Catering management & staff are very thankful for all the extraorindary opportunities we  have had to share our fun creative ideas and fabulous food with all our AMAZING clients, FANTASTIC vendors & WELCOMING venues that have been part of Continental Catering’s continued growth.

It’s time to start planning your holiday party as dates are quickly filling! Treat yourself to a headache, stress free event. The creative staff of Continental Catering would love to assist you in planning for your corporate or private celebration!

“Life is too short to not party!

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“You know how wedding food is usually "eh"?  This food had EVERYONE talking.” Amber C, San Diego, CA

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