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Spring Has Sprung

March 29, 2016


Hello Spring! We are so delighted to share such a rejuvenating and relaxing (yeah right, we are crazy busy) time of year with all of you. The flowers are abloom the sun is warming, the birds are chirping and love is in the air. As our business flourishes, we would like to share many blissful moments with you. Buzzing around at events, we stay as busy as a bee working hard to make your affair the one you’ve always dreamed of. So as many of you get ready to say your I-do’s we are ready to provide a one-of-a-kind service that you could only imagine among your wildest dreams.

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“Continental really "catered" to my vision of how I wanted dinner at my wedding to look. They incorporated my color theme and even included decorations around the buffet station that complimented the table centerpieces! The food was fantastic, the set up of the buffet station was perfect, staff was competent, efficient and friendly.” Hannah L, San Diego, CA

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